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Southwest Ohio ACFE Chapter

Oct 2022 In-Person or Zoom: Fundamentals of Cellular Record Analysis and Geolocation

  • Friday, October 14, 2022
  • 12:00 PM - 2:00 PM
  • Cincinnati Financial Corporation, 6200 South Gilmore Rd, Fairfield OH 45014


(depends on selected options)

Base fee:
  • For registrants that aren't a member of the Southwest Ohio Chapter of the ACFE and wish to attend the class virtually in Zoom.

    Attendance links will be emailed to the registrant's email the day before the event.
  • For members of the Southwest Ohio Chapter of the ACFE who wish to attend the class virtually in Zoom.

    Attendance links will be emailed to the registrant's email the day before the event.

Speaker: Kevin Horan, Co-Founder, Precision Cellular Analysis

Topic: Fundamentals of Cellular Record Analysis and Geolocation

Session Description:

In this session, investigators will learn basic cellular analysis techniques.  Former Special Agents from the elite FBI CAST program will conduct the session which will include:

  • An introductory case example/study of national significance designed to teach the investigator the significance and possibilities of using cell phone data.  (Example - Boston Bombing case, Gabby Petito, etc.)
  • Overview of basic cell phone technology
  • Discussion of why a cell phone selects a cell tower to communicate with, how towers are configured, and how records of communication events are created.  
  • Discussion of cell phone investigative techniques including:
    • Examples of cell site and sector information, timing advance, drive testing (use of a network survey tool), and tower dumps. 
    • Overview of the legal processes used to obtain cell phone data including how the data, once obtained, can be employed to solve crimes.  
  • Preview of evolving data sets and techniques that are providing significant investigative advancements in the civil and criminal arena.  (Examples include Google location and geofence data, vehicle telematics, social media applications.) 


CPE credits are based on a 50-minute hour.  CPE is offered through the ACFE as well as the Accountancy Board of Ohio (sponsor number CPE.00467).  Attendees must attend 100 minutes of the meeting and answer 6 polling questions during the meeting to validate attendance. 

Learning ObjectivesPromotion of improved fraud detection and deterrence and through expansion of knowledge in relation to the session's topic.

Prerequisites: None

Speaker Bio:

After 26 years of government service, Kevin retired from the Federal Bureau of Investigation as a Supervisory Special Agent for the Cellular Analysis Survey Team (CAST). He has an undergraduate degree from Syracuse University and a law degree from the University of Dayton. Prior to joining the FBI, Kevin was an Assistant Prosecuting Attorney for the Montgomery County Prosecutor's Office in Dayton, Ohio. During his time there he gained a unique understanding of the legal system, having worked juvenile crimes, preliminary hearings, grand jury and adult felonies as a criminal trial attorney.  After joining the FBI in 1995, he was assigned to the Cincinnati Division, Columbus Resident Agency where he investigated violent crimes, specializing in fugitives and homicides while serving on several task forces.  Given the tactical nature of his work, he was selected as a FBI SWAT team member and later an Assistant Team Leader, having served in that capacity for 22 years (the longest in division history). In 2006 he was chosen to become a founding member of the CAST unit and became a certified expert in the field of cellular record analysis and live tracking of cell phones.  Since that time he has testified over 110 times in state and federal courts in 22 states and has gained national attention in numerous high profile investigations.  As a certified FBI Instructor, Kevin has taught hundreds of law enforcement officers (both nationally and internationally) how to interpret, analyze and plot cellular records.  As a FBI CAST Supervisor, Kevin managed 26 CAST agents between Ohio and California ensuring that critical, often lifesaving information was provided to police and prosecutors in a timely fashion.  Kevin is the recipient of multiple law enforcement awards and honors, most notably the FBI Director’s Award for Distinguished Service to the Law Enforcement Community

Active, full-time students majoring in criminal justice, law, or business degrees may attend meetings for free. Email swohacfe@gmail.com to register.

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